Inside the Thomas Family Winery

Things to know about us and your visit!

  • Tasting ends at 5:00 pm, after that, it’s time to socialize!
  • Please don’t come to the tasting bar chewing gum, drinking soft drinks, eating ice cream, or anything else that temporarily destroys your palate!
  • We’re closed New Years Day, maybe the first week of January, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Other than that, we’re open.
  • We like kids; if we really like them, we keep them!
  • We like dogs; it’s the health department that doesn’t.
  • Seats are first-come, first sit down; if you have room at your table, we hope you don’t mind sharing and making new friends!
  • “In-house Only” means we are very low on a particular wine, and it can only be consumed in the Winery. This is how we spread the wealth so everyone gets a taste of it at the end.
  • God made Zinfandel to be red, and taste like barbed wire and pepper; humans made it pink and sweet. That pretty much sums it it up!
  • Don’t do anything to wine that you wouldn’t do to a puppy! This includes locking it up in a car in the hot Summer sun.

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