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H3. Our Current Releases

Gale’s Hard Cider 7% abv $6.00 12z $9.99 22z $107.89 cs

Old timey apples fermented like an ale— flavors of apples, blossom and spicetangy, strong and dry- drink it like an ale!!!! Named for Gale Thomas! Wonderful with curries, spicy foods.

Liam’s Hill Scrumpy 7% abv $7.00 draught only

2020 vintage, earthy yeast, apple rind and spice flavors with slightly funky lemon rind, apple peel and mineral edge!

Sauvignon Blanc 2020 $6.00 gl $17.99 bt $194.29 cs

Young Sauvignon aromas of peach, green olive and lovely dried mint; old school entry of minerals, figs, soft fruits and a wisp of oak! Will age to white Bordeaux flavors! Try with fresh Pacific rim foods, SW flavors, char-broiled seafood!

Seyval Blanc 2021 $6.00 gl $18.99 bt $205.09 cs

Bright, young flavors of ripe tropical fruits- kiwi and melon, with yellow pears and honeyed grapefruit; very spicy palate with burgeoning fruit and a wonderfully minerally aftertaste. Love it with spicy Asian, grilled chicken and sauerkraut!

White Sangria $6.00 glass only!

Bright young white wine mixed with oranges, lemons- quite fruity and floral with citrus and pineapple flavors!

Colonial Sack 17 % abv $3.50 cpta $18.99 bt $219.45 cs

A Colonial-style Sherry, aromas of lemon peel, coriander and white spice,
butterscotch from 18 mos in barrels, a rich dry Sherry palate; enjoy cold with hors d’ouerves, rich brothy soups and Geo. Washington Boiled turkey!

Chambourcin 2021 $6.00 gl $18.99 bt $205.92 cs

Bright plum, cherry, red raspberries with mint and light peppery nose. Entry is round with lots of ripe fruit, dried cranberries and a gently spiced finish. Enjoy with roast chicken, Pizze Margherita, bistro entrees!

Rio Red 2018 $6.00 gl $17.99 bt $194.29 cs

Rich wine brimming full of black raspberry, black cherry fruit, black olive and pepper in the nose; richly flavored entry of bramble fruits, black pepper and a future of cedar, cigar leaf and briar on the finish! Must haves- grilled pork steaks, baked ziti, big time pizzas and bbq!

Dance Monkey Concord $6.00 gl $16.99 bt $183.49 cs

Surprisingly semi-dry wine with intensely fruity flavors of concord, cherries,
cranberries and spice! Round texture but picnic weight- enjoy with cold fried chicken, cold cuts and toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Native American Blush $6.00 gl $17.99 bt $194.29 cs

A blend of Niagara and Concord, intense fresh grape and pink fruit- strawberry cotton candy, peaches and watermelon- enjoy on the porch with fruits and
cheeses, glazed poultry and salads.

Case prices discounted 10% Mix and match also!
Coming soon- Viking Meade!

Notes from the Cellar Rat!

Join Steve and friends for tasting wines. We“ll post tasting notes of older vintages, letting you know how long to keep things, menus we’ve served with current wines, etc.

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