My Grandfather Gale Thomas began making “cider” in his youth during prohibition.

Antique photo loading cider barrels onto horsedrawn cartIt was made in barrels, from craggy old cider apples, sold and drunk quickly. This tradition has passed to the third generation of his family.

Today, the craggy old cider apples of yesteryear still grow in the Midwest. They are harvested, artfully blended, then ground and pressed.

The cider is then put into old barrels, fermented and aged, crafting a strong, dry cider the old Celts would have been proud of.

Enjoy a glass of Gale’s with the family!

Gale’s Hard Cider Pricing

$4.00 12 oz / $ 7.99 bt / $ 86.29 cs
Old timey apples fermented like an ale in old barrels— tangy, strong and dry- drink it like an ale!!!! Wonderful with curries, salsas and spicy foods.

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