Rio Red: a 7 vintage sampling

Jerry Adkins brought a 7 vintage vertical sampling of Rio Red to the Winery. Plenty of revelations here. Our intention is to make the Rio Red so that it’s fruit is pretty vibrant for about 4 years, structure hangs in nicely, and some bottle bouquet develops, and MIGHT last longer. But basically we want the wine to have it’s most useful life within 4 years of the harvest date. But this sampling showed they can go much longer in a good cellar, well-cared for.

1997 :: Earthy mushrooms, plum and roses. entry a bit maderized; buttery rich, showing some “mahogany” flavors and nice touch of oak

1998 :: Tight, austere at first, a touch of H2S blew off then opened to bright, fresh berry fruit, roses and pepper, nice acid balance, a bit light in the middle

1999 :: Roses, mushrooms, orange peel; front fading a bit with orangy raspberry entry flavors, excellent acid/alcohol balance

2000 :: Chocolate, candied cherries, tobacco, soy/molasses, round entry harmonized with the nose, just enough oak/acid to balance; a round, unctuous wine that begged to be drunk!

2000a :: This is a different blend. Much tighter, more rose and cranberry/ raspberry, youthful entry with sweet rosy spice and more assertive tannins- veal and chicken!

2002 :: Chocolate and bramble berries, tarter nose complimenting lively palate of berries, coffee, higher toasted barrels, good acidity balancing the big, fat entry.

2003 :: Everything was there, big round mouthfeel, noticable oak, good alcohol, structure was in place but flavors ruined by a bad cork- just enough TCA to rob the wine. We’ll try another soon!
After the tasting, we had these wines with carnitas and tamales! They were perfect!

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